It was early last year when it hit me. What the hell am I doing with my life? Why is it that i feel like something is missing? I asked myself a whole bunch of questions. I realized, I am not where I want to be – career wise.

I went from job to job. I was always placed in a good position of a company. I went from being in the Dental Industry to Pharmaceutical, Clinical Research. Basically the health industry. I was never happy. I thought that because most of the women in my family (Aunts and Cousins) were either Dentists, Hygienists, Nurses, Lab Techs and all that it would make them happy that I would follow in their footsteps. But why?

I quit & got laid off from a lot of my jobs searching for myself. I have so much experience in different fields. Retail, Food & Beverage, Debt Collector, Dentistry, Health Project Manager, Accounting, Administration & Management, Controller, Warehouse Management, Shipper & Receiver, General Labour… you name it, I’ve done it.

Within all those experiences, I worked from the bottom up. I was the little guy who became the bigger guy (well next to the bigger-bigger guy) I had no formal educational background except for a diploma in Dental (which I totally wasted time and money on).

Since I was little, I was always drawing and taking photos, intrigued by technology. A few of my male cousins were extremely good at drawing and it was always inspiring to me. I would copy all their styles. Especially with graffiti. Oh! before I forget, let me tell you who I am referring to. Shot out to Mark Lip, Neil T., Leigh D., Michael G., and my late cousin,  Ryan R. (RIP) Now back to what I was talking about, being inspired by them boosted my creativity. In High-school, I always made sure that I took the Art, Photography and Computer classes. I always told myself I wanted to be some kind of designer or graphic artist when I grew up.

It was career day and we all had to start registering for College / University. I wasn’t happy that day. I was told that being one of the girls in the family that it would be great if I took something health related. (The hell! I hated Science and Biology, How the hell would I get accepted in College or Uni for that?) I decided to quietly register for graphic arts at Sheridan, Humber and OCAD. The only school that accepted my application and portfolio was Sheridan. It may not be OCAD but it was something and it was still a good school, I was excited but then I didn’t want to take OSAP and didn’t want to depend on my parents help. I wanted to do it all by myself. So I declined.

I took a year off and worked full-time at Playdium. I didn’t think my parents were happy that I didn’t go to college. So I decided to research some private colleges to take up Dental Admin & Chair-side since I knew all they cared about was the money and not the student so it never mattered if I didn’t have Science or Biology in High school. Went to CDI with the dreading OSAP. Came home and surprised my parents that I put myself in school!

After college is when everything was going up and down for me. Going through all those different work experiences. It wasn’t until early last year when it was really nagging at me! Little voices in my head telling me to quit my day job and follow your dreams! But I needed the money. I had barely any savings. I depended on working full-time at a job.I was becoming depressed. Although I was getting paid well and I had a great position in the company, It wasn’t truly what I wanted. Then those little voices that was nagging at me wasn’t really little voices in my head, it was the voice of my Girlfriend, Lynn.

Lynn had so much faith and belief in me that I have never felt from anyone else. The emotional and motivational support she has given me was unreal. She knew how much I loved fashion and web designing and she pushed me to take the risks. Even though she had no understanding of my love and passion for fashion and web design she kept insisting that I can take my “Hobbies” and turn it into something bigger and if I already love what I do as a hobby, why not make some money along the way. But there was no way I was going to have a full-time job and focus on doing anything fashion or web related.

I had a hard time working at the last job I had, I just kept sucking it up because I knew I had responsibilities, bills. Rent and Car. Things to pay for, to live comfortably. It got to the point where it was like “Fuck it!” I need to quit. I told myself I am going to have my own business and I am going to make it happen!

I told someone about it. They thought my idea was unrealistic. This person told me there is no way you are going to be able to have your own business and run it. This person didn’t think I have what it takes and kept asking me why am I going to start my own business when I have a good “job”? What I told this person was “I want to inspire individuals to follow their dreams and never give up searching for it, I want a lifestyle where I am building something for myself rather than building someone else’s dreams. I want to be able to do things my way without someone looking over my shoulders and throwing piles of crap on me! I want to be able to dictate my own self rather than someone dictating me and I want others who have that same mentality to do the same. Why trade hours for dollars when you can trade ideas for millions?” So I quit my job with only enough for rent and bills for a few months and a little to invest in a small business.

In September of 2015, Hustle Manifest was born. It became a registered business. I created mock ups of shirt designs and created an online shop. Didn’t know how well it would turn out. Hustle Manifest is a Toronto lifestyle brand I came up with, with the help of my girlfriend. It’s a brand that inspires Young and even older Entrepreneurs to work hard so you can play hard. Follow your dreams. And although it has been really hard trying to build after 11months, not only does our friends and family support the brand. We have customers from outside Toronto from Vancouver and Alberta to even parts of the United States from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Florida,  Detroit and so forth! I get phone calls and tests messages from friends telling me they seen someone representing my brand on the streets. I get emails from vendors asking to do business with us because they cross paths with people rocking my shirts at malls and asking them how to get in contact with the owner. We get e-mails and calls from Magazines in the US asking if they can showcase our brand. It’s overwhelming and while I know we still have a lot of work do to and we are still a baby in the business. I’m sure we will do well!

Now, it’s not only Hustle Manifest. Few months ago, I officially registered my web design and social media business Mory & Co. Starting to place Ads on Kijiji and sourcing out company e-mails to send campaigns to my services. Since the beginning of of Mory & Co I had done work for 9 different clients. From Web design to Social Media. That started in January. And was getting a client or 2 every month or so.

Last week was incredible for me. On Monday, July 25, 2016 I had a meeting with a potential client which was referred to me by a current client who then signed agreement with me. She is a Mortgage & Financial Adviser. Then next, I gained another client who was a Long time no see friend, Rigel J. who signed up as a client with me who needed a whole website refresh for her virtual assistant business. By Thursday, I got a few more phone calls from 4 different Employment/Recruitment Agencies and a Hotel for Web Design and Branding Services. Then just this past Saturday got the final word on a Furniture Store plus Canadian Wireless Trade show to work on a full-time basis as their contractor for website design, branding and Social Media Marketing which is my biggest Account so far! 9…. NINE! Brand new Accounts in 1 week. 8 out of the 9 need full-time service from Mory & Co. Good thing Mory & Co has a small team where I can delegate my projects to and focus on my biggest account exclusively!

My advise to you who is reading this! take the risk. Go for your dreams. Make your dreams a reality. Never give up! Do what you love. Keep on Hustling. You’ll never know unless you do it. You may even lose friends along the way. But if they are your real friends, they’ll support you, stick by you and understand you if you don’t have much time because you’re focusing on yourself. They will be there whether your business aspiration goes far or if it fails. I feel blessed. In 4 days from now, I am going to turn 34 years old. I’m not looking for any birthday gifts or celebration. I think Life has already blessed me with my big gift, and gift was my dream turning into a reality. I don’t know what I did or how I did it but I am completely thankful. And if it wasn’t for Lynn being the nagging voice in my head, I’d still be sitting behind a desk with someone dictating me. Now I can do the work I truly love, from the comfort of my own home. I can now have a work and life balance. and even though I seem to be working 24/7 losing sleep. I rather hustle doing the things I love then working 9 to 5 working a job. “Just Over Broke” I charge what I want, get paid how I liked all doing it my way. And I think that is how it should be.


22 Reasons Why Working For Yourself Is Better than Working For “The Big Guy”

22 Reasons Why Working For Yourself Is Better than Working For “The Big Guy”

You name it! I’ve been there, done that. I had the pleasure to work for myself as well as working for “The Big Guy”. From picking and packing to being a personal assistant to a CEO.

I know, I feel you… Working for yourself can be very scary, frustrating, feeling unsupported. It’s a constant struggle. But on the other hand, to me, getting to work for myself is truly the ultimate in personal fulfillment and freedom.

Although everything about being self-employed that is difficult, there is so much more pleasure to it than working for “The Big Guy”. Below are 22 reasons why. Now these things are from my own experiences  so yours might differ, depending on what your situation is and how you set up your own business.

Here are 22 things that make working for yourself better than working for “the big guy.”


  1. You have no one to blame but yourself. Because honestly, looking to blame other people is such a waste of time.
  2. Your progress is measured in terms that matter. such as products created, the audiences built  and profits you have earned instead of the  “corporate world” terms like busywork, being a team player and face time.
  3. You don’t have to stress working for a boss who is an Asshole. Unless, you yourself becomes an asshole.
  4. You have more than just 2 weeks Vacation. Because I’m too focused on working on my own and building a brand, I haven’t gone away much. But what’s stopping me? I can work remotely from anywhere, on my own time… Anywhere in the world without having to request for it or asking someone to take my shift.
  5. Your time is your time. You decide when and when not to work.
  6. You get to choose what projects to work on. There’s no reason why you have to pursue in things that don’t interest you. If you want to succeed, then follow what you are passionate about.
  7. Who says you can’t drink while you’re at work? Unless you’re a doctor working on a patient, I suggest you don’t.
  8. The freedom to live anywhere you want. Well depending that the location is flexible to your situation, whereas mine is online. There’s no reason I couldn’t be writing this from Jamaica or Barcelona or Thailand.
  9. Casual Friday is any day, to the highest max. I got my panda pajammies on, my hair is a mess. I can even work in my underwear (Maybe that’s just me)
  10. Being yourself. Like, your real goofy self, not your “professional business” self.
  11. Every bit of effort you put towards your business, directly benefits you. Having pay related to output is a key factor in job satisfaction.
  12. Save your gas. I mean if you wanted to you could rent an office so far from home, but you’re not gonna do that, are you?
  13. Laid off? Not possible! Running out of clients or business is possible, but at least you won’t be kept in the dark.
  14. Sitting through action-less, endless, pointless meetings. You spend so many hours in a day in meetings, no wonder why some companies never get much done. Imagine what you can do with all that extra time. I’m going to grab myself a pizza!
  15. The Box! Well Cubicles. I hope in the years to come we look back on the cubicle and end up realizing how sad it was for those who spend 8 or more hours a day in a damn cubicle. I honestly think its so damn cruel.
  16. You think office coffee is better. BUT all the food is better when you work for yourself. No stinky cafeteria, office coffee that has been watered down, no lunches at McDonalds or whatever you fancy because The Big Guy won’t let you take more than 15 minutes away from your desk (which is stuck in a box). And if you can’t drink caffeine you can ask your superior to start buying decaffeinated tea.
  17. Tired of your scenery? You can always change it up . I love being able to work from home in bed, a local coffee shop, by the Lakeshore or my parent’s place where I can visit my niece, As long as I can get access to internet. A change in scenery can work wonders for your creative mind.
  18. You don’t have to feel like crap about doing personal things. You got a doctors appointment? How about that Dance class you wanted to take which started at 4PM?  Or being able to hit the gym while it’s empty! When you work for yourself you make your own schedule, and you don’t have to worry what your boss thinks of you to make you feel guilty.
  19. Who you want to work with is entirely up to you. You are in charge of hiring, you get to choose your clients, you get to select the consultants and freelancers. Leave out the jerks and boring people and bring in the people who inspire you.
  20. If there is something you don’t want to do, in most cases you don’t have to do it. Well, except for paying taxes, that is. Good thing my partner is becoming an Accountant!
  21. Your income is limited ONLY by your creativity and willingness to work.
  22. No aspect of working for a big corporate company can touch the deep fulfillment and satisfaction you experience from being completely self-sufficient. Knowing that you are solely and entirely responsible for contributing enough value for the world to earn your keep is one of life’s greatest rewards. And to fully understand that, you need to experience it.
I Got My Head In The Clouds

I Got My Head In The Clouds

Ok, so I keep neglecting to write something on a daily basis. Thought since my mind is going in too many directions, I might as well get some out and blog it, to clear up some space in my head.

(oh! before I forget… Don’t forget to check out and If you haven’t already done so)

Each and every writer or artist geared up with even just a little bit ambition and a drive for a lot of head-in-the-clouds dreaminess, has a vision of what a “Artist’s life” really is. For some of us, it’s taking sips of black coffee in a café with your laptop typing away or going through thousands of photos you’ve just taken to edit, the rain thumping the glass or the snow drizzles that fall slowly from the skies hitting the noses of those walking by in the streets from outside. For others, it is a hectic press room or a design agency with the phones going off and co-workers going crazy in the office.
For me, as an individual who absolutely no technical background from school in the field I now currently work in, I just had one picture or vision in my mind of my ideal “Artist’s life.” Nick Sushkevich, Florencia Mazza Ramsey, Tom Hussey and Mitchell Kanashkevich and even our very own Toronto’s Dmitri Markine just to name a few. All these photographers who are extremely passionate about their work. It has become their lives, not a job. It is an emotion, an inspiration, a taste of life, observing of everything that surrounds each one of them, including myself and to become so fascinated and intrigued to make what they see and feel their very own in a touch of a shutter button. Photography is a memory taken, and making it forever yours and knowing that in that very moment, you were once right there in that photo.
 As a fairly wiser 30-year old, I understand now, that as an aspiring artists, we go through alot in life. Not everyone understands or values what we do and why we love it. to them, it’s just a simple photograph taken with fancy equipment and an expensive hobby. It is hard for us to get out and trying to make a decent livelihood. That’s why most of us are known as struggling artist. We dream and see things bigger than we can ever imagine with a low budget wonder. But like those photographers I had mentioned in the paragraph above, they are my inspiration for doing what you love and with a bonus of getting paid for it. I still figure that at some point in time I would love to go to New York and try my hand at my own somewhat modified version of it and most of all travel to exotic places like Thailand, Bali, Serengeti, Mount Merapi, Indonesia, Jaipur India and more to shoot some travel photo-journalistic sets. After a 5 year run in La La Land, I, Cynthia still has decided to see what the other coast has to offer- both in the career market, living possibly and maybe trying to find serenity.
Well, I’m out of words to ramble…. Til next time 🙂
With Love,
The Good Ol’ Comfy Spot

The Good Ol’ Comfy Spot

Yes, the comfort zone.

As humans, this is a place we love. We look for, strive forand have created products and even entire industries to helpfind and maintain high levels of comfort (hello Lazy-Boy!).You’ll find this desire for the comfort zone in all areas oflife – physically, mentally, emotionally and more; face it,we are hard wired to seek comfort.

Given that, you might be surprised by the title of this piece. (Could I really want you to get uncomfortable?)

Why would any self-respecting personal and professionaldevelopment author write something that seems so counter towhat we all want?

Because like many things in life there is a differencebetween want we want and what we need. We all, at differinglevels of fervor, want the comfort zone (it is, after all,comfortable). Yet what we need to reach our goals is likelyin direct conflict with the desire for the comfort zone.

So why do I suggest you make discomfort your friend? Let mecount the ways.

Five Reasons Why…

Discomfort allows growth. Whether you are talking physically(it`s hard to become more fit while comfortably sitting inyour favorite chair, and especially when you first beginexercising, you will feel real discomfort!), mentally(thinking about new things, concepts and ideas requiresenergy), emotionally (doing something different can behard), you cannot grow until you push the envelope of yourcomfort zone.

If you want more of anything in your life – from healthyrelationships to a healthy body weight to a healthy bankaccount (and everything in between) – you must grow inknowledge, skills, habits and more. You must grow, and alltrue growth occurs outside the comfort zone.

Discomfort builds confidence. Ever noticed that the more youdo something successfully the more confident you become? Howdo you get better at something – by doing it exactly likeyou did it before? Probably not.

Confidence comes in part from competence, which comes frompracticing and trying new things in order to improve. Seethe connection? It is hard to build confidence sittingcomfortably in the easy chair.

Discomfort promotes creativity. Creativity is borne ofnecessity. People create new things, ideas, concepts andproducts when they have a problem – or in some way areoutside their comfort zone.

Often creativity is tapped to help regain comfort, which isgreat. The point is that when you feel or notice somediscomfort or lack of satisfaction with your situation, youwill likely be driven to innovate and be creative to find aremedy. If you want to be more creative, look for yourdiscomfort.

Discomfort overcomes resistance to change. When we arecomfortable, we are less likely to want to change – almostby definition. When we have a lack of satisfaction or havebecome uncomfortable with the way things are we are far moreopen to change. Change, of course, to create a new situationthat is better and ultimately creates a higher level ofcomfort.

Discomfort facilitates goal achievement. This is theculmination of the other four points. If you want morelearning, growth, promotion, profits, etc., you mustconsciously get outside of your comfort zone. Ask yourselfthis question: “Do you want your goals enough to put up witha bit of discomfort, or even fear?” Especially when yourealize that the very discomfort will help drive you to yourgoals. If so, great. You know what to do.

If not, go ahead and sit back in your comfy place. Justdon`t be surprised when you don`t create a better future foryourself.

You`ve traded it for all that comfort.

10 Ideas To Get You Excercising

10 Ideas To Get You Excercising

There a hundreds of reasons why we don’t exercise

Here are 10 different ideas or techniques to help you pursue a lifetime of health and fitness.


If – deep-down – you really don’t want to exercise, then don’t bother reading further. You will need to get to the bottom of those feelings before moving on. Ambivalence and double-mindedness will only lead to a constant cycle of disappointment. But – if you want to reap the many mental and physical benefits of exercise — then read on.

1. Know Thyself – Time of Day
What’s the point in aiming for fasted cardio (i.e. workouts before breakfast) when you are not a morning person? You might start with the best intentions – but it will probably not last. You must find the time that works best for you.

2. Know Thyself – Comfort Zone
When I exercise I sweat. Sometimes profusely. That may seem gross to some – and to be honest when I caught some people staring at my red sweating face – I was embarrassed. I’ve realized that public gym workouts are not always for me. I have a basic setup at home that I use instead. If going to the gym – aim for known quiet periods.

3. Boredom Busters
I feel bored just looking at the rows of poker-faced people sitting on their stationery bikes. I cannot do this. It bores me to tears. The personal trainer might prescribe 45 minutes of steady-state cardio – but it is most definitely not the only way. Personal Trainers for the most part are enthusiastic and helpful people — but many seem to be stuck “in a box” when it comes to innovation. If you bore easily (like me) – then mix it up. The feeling of doing something new or different gets me interested again.

4. Structure and Planning
We have become a very time-poor people. Consequently if we want to accomplish anything we will need to plan it. Don’t say “I’m going to exercise this week”. Say “I’m going to exercise at 4.30pm on Wednesday for 30 minutes – and write it down. It might sound a bit obsessive but every Sunday I plan my whole week – what I aim to do at work, when I will exercise, etc. Without a structure things turn to chaos and I end the week feeling out-of-control and frustrated.

5. Surround yourself with like-minded people
It’s tough enough to motivate yourself without having a bunch of couch potatoes pouring scorn on your intentions. Spend time with the right people (on-line or in the real world) and you’ll find the motivation starts to come.

6. Focus on the feeling after the session
There’s nothing better than blobbing out after a good exercise session. The feeling of satisfaction is something to be savored. Then there are the post-workout endorphins… and the good nights sleep…

7. Stop thinking: All or Nothing
“If I can’t do this workout properly – then there is no point in working out”. I used to think like this. Now I think that even a 5 minute walk is better than 5 minutes on the couch. Even 10 minutes of light weights is better than nothing. This is especially important when exercising after a period of sickness. You feel like you took one step forward but fell 3 steps backward. Go easy on yourself. Don’t give up. Something is better than nothing.

8. What are your priorities?
When taking time to plan your week you will be forced to address priorities. If you are working 16 hours a day and (understandably) have no time for exercise – then you need to sit right back and take a long hard look at what you truly want out of life.

9. Remove the word “quit” from your mental vocabulary
Having goals is great. Lose x pounds of fat. Gain x pounds of muscle. Increased fitness. However there is something even deeper at play. If we lead sedentary lives then exercise simply must become a part of life. Period. Our bodies are made to be worked.

If I said to you “you must exercise for the rest of your life” — how does that make you feel? Examine the feeling. If it feels like a prison sentence then perhaps you need to do some serious rewiring of your inner monologue. Imagine feeling vital, strong, and energized – into your 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s — wouldn’t that be a good feeling?

10. It’s not just about looks
The skinny girl down the street might look good to you — but her size is no indication of her health or strength. She may have unseen visceral fat (see normal-weight obese) or, sadly, could be inviting osteoporosis to come early.

Exercise is just as much about a healthy body as it is about looking good. My wife has reversed a number of health issues with the assistance of exercise. She is not model-thin – but rather – exudes strength and life. Having a strong and useful body often goes hand in hand with emotional self-empowerment.

Why Don’t You Exercise?
Does the headline of this post make you feel guilty? I feel guilty just writing it.

We live in a time when 1 out of 7 Americans have tried a weight loss supplement. That is a lot of people.

Exercising, however, is not popular.

Why not?

I might get hurt.
I don’t want to sweat.
I can’t be bothered getting changed.
It’s hard.
I don’t have the time.
I’m embarrassed and feel stupid.
It’s too cold.
It’s too hot.
I’m too tired.
Why should I bother?
I never get anywhere.
The moment I stop it’s all for nothing.
Those are just some of the thoughts that have gone through my head when it comes to thinking about exercise.

Why don’t you exercise? Be honest (no put-downs).


Its Not The Size That Matters.

Its Not The Size That Matters.

In high school I wasn’t the smartest student. I hated text books, I cringed at academics, I procrastinated all my homework and studying. For sure i knew I wasn’t planning on being a Doctor or a Lawyer. I grew up around creativity. Music, arts and design oh and sports.  I took up art photography classes and realizing that developing film wasn’t easy. It took a bit of time to learn, though now practically over a decade, I rather work quicker and develop in a digital darkroom, it’s a lot more fun and there’s a lot more you can do with each image. I have been independent in my development as an amateur photographer learning from others and practicing techniques on my own, watching youtube and googling tutorials and so on. The tools out there to learn this craft are almost limitless now more than ever and it only challenges one to be better even on the smallest budgets.

Many people think that to become the best is when you have top of the line camera gear. When one says, “Oh, I really like your camera or you need this better camera…,” when referring to taking great pictures, I just laugh inside. I am not saying that I am great. What one must realize is that the camera is just a box that lets in light on film or sensor. It doesn’t make you a great photographer. Having the best lenses or lighting doesn’t make you a great photographer either. It’s how we use these tools and how creative we are with them that makes a photographer’s images stand out.

The only difference between a photography enthusiast or amateur and a professional photographer is that the professional has made it their profession. When I say I am a professional photographer, freelance photographer, etc, I mean that I am doing this as a living to support myself and my future family.

I really enjoy what I do and I enjoy making others happy. Capturing those unique moments of raw emotion is what makes this worthwhile for me. It gives me pleasure to know that I was part of the moment and the feelings of each expression caught. I live on memories, good and bad. I thrive on happiness. This is what makes photography inspiring to me.


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